Own Products


You can create your own products or services to sell online. There are many types of products or services you can create. In my opinion, the best products are products that can be digitized and let users download from the Internet so that you can run your business on autopilot without having to deliver your products. Even order and payment processing can be done online automatically. Hence you can enjoy passive income and freedom!

Some of the products that you can create to sell online are listed as follows:

  • E-book– people are willing to pay for your e-book if it is interesting, useful and informative, and sell less than those books written by renown authors. In order to create a good e-book, you need to have a reasonably good knowledge about the topic in your niche market and have sound writing skill too. You can always engage a freelance editor to edit your book. You can encode your book in a digital format that is easily distributable on the web, and this is normally the Acrobat pdf format. You need a pdf converter or pdf writer to convert your doc files into pdf files. Some of those writers are freeware, some are shareware and some are commercial software. You can click the following link to download the pdf writers: http://www.download3000.com/acrobat-writer-downloads.html. However, if you are using Microsoft Words 2010, you can save your documents as pdf files.

You can get more information about ebook writing and publishing from the following link:


  • Music and Songs– If you are a composer, you can sell your music scores or MP3 music played by you online. If you are a songwriter, you can market your lyrics online. You can either use your website to market your musical products or you can use a third party website to market them.One particular website that allows you to distribute and market your music on Amazon.com and other sales channels as an audio CD or MP3 music for download is Createspace.com. This website offers you tools to create professional looking CD covers as well as to encode your music into MP3 music for download. The finished MP3 music can be distributed and sold at Amazon MP3 website. You earn your royalty every time a customer download your MP3 music, the pricing structure is as follows:
    Number of Album Tracks Royalty per Track Sale Royalty per Album Sale
    10 or more $0.65 $6.18
    9 tracks $0.65 $5.81
    8 tracks $0.65 $5.17
    7 tracks $0.65 $4.52
    6 tracks $0.65 $3.88
    5 tracks $0.65 $3.23
    4 tracks $0.65 $2.58
    3 tracks $0.65 $1.94
    2 tracks $0.65 $1.29
    1 tracks $0.65 $0.65
  • Video – If your hobby is taking videos with your video camera, why not convert your hobby into a business? You can create all kinds of video products such as documentaries, educational programs, animated stories, funny videos, motivational videos, short stories and more. You can market your video products easily by using online video streaming site such as YouTube. You have the potential to sell them to big-time customers such as National Geographic and Discovery TV channels you can also create and distribute your film or video on Creatspace.com as well as Amazon Video on Demand. Createspace.com provides tools for you to create a video for download or create professional looking DVD cover if you want to sell your video or film in DVD format.
  • Information-in this age of knowledge economy, information is becoming more important. If you have conducted market research and holds important data related to a certain market, there might be people or companies who are willing to pay you for the information.
  • Clip Art– If you are a good artist, you can create clip art images for sale online. You may also design logos for other companies.
  • E-zines and Newsletters-You can also create E-zines and newsletters if you have the talent for writing. Of course, you can always hire freelance writers to help you. By producing E-zines and newsletter you can earn subscription fees
  • Recipes-You hobby is culinary and over the years you have some secret recipes, you may want to share with them with other hobbyists over the Internet by charging a fee.
  • Formulas and Methods-You may have special formulas or methods in creating something such as a new hybrid of orchids or unique dance steps developed by you, then you can market them to the Internet audiences who have the same hobbies. One of the friends who are a dance master and he designed his own line dance steps, and he was able to market the dance steps to foreigners.
  • Research papers-If you have written some research papers during your undergraduate or graduate studies, you may be able to market them to the university students who may want to use them as references. I have published two print research papers, one was my master degree research paper and the other one was my PhD thesis. They are being marketed by Amazon.com.I am also selling the digital copies of my two research papers on my own website.
  • Games-Online gaming is a big business, the global games market generated $81.4 billion in 2014 (Newzoo, 2014), out of which mobile games market contributed $21.4 billion. The global games market is projected to reach $102.9 billion in 2017. So, you if can capture a tiny chunk of the games market, you can be a millionaire! Though creating a game no easy task, you can always hire freelance game designers to assist you in developing the game. If you and your team can create an interesting and unique game, you will be able to create a substantial niche market which you can capitalize to reap a huge profit. One of the most successful mobile games is none other than Angry Bird.
  • Software-In this information age, many jobs are carried out using some kind of computer software. For example, most office workers use Microsoft words to create various documents, accountants  use various accounting software and spreadsheets, Information officers use all kinds of database programs to manage databases, designers use all kind of designing software such as AutoCAD to design  their blueprint and prototype,  engineers use all kinds of engineering software to perform technical calculations, lecturers and teachers will use all kinds of multimedia software to perform classroom to conduct their lessons and more
  • App- App is a program or a piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose; an application, that can be downloaded by a user to a mobile device or a  desktop computer. In recent years, mobile apps have become the largest market in the cyberspace as there are more mobile device users than desktop users. Some apps have even become a billion-dollar app, among them are WhatsApp, WeChat, Uber, Snapchat and more. Creating an app is not easy but not difficult either. What is more important is that you need a creative idea before you can create an app that can attract the attention and interest of the users. You can always hire freelance programmers and graphic designers to develop the app.