How to build a website?


Although it is not necessary to have a website to start your online business, it is a great advantage if you have a website, better still if you have multiple websites!

Having a website with quality content is the key success factor in building an online business. You ought to write something that can attract people and keep them coming back to visit your web pages. A good website  can attract huge traffic and generate a high pageview

Successful and famous websites like Google, Yahoo! etc. provide very good content. They serve all kinds of interesting stories, news, applications, games, utility programs and much more. Therefore,  they can attract millions of visitors. Because of high traffic, these websites are valued at billions of dollars, and they actually generate billions of dollars out of advertising, subscription fees, and other businesses.

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How to build a good business website?


Building a good website required careful and thorough planning. Here are a few pointers which I think every online entrepreneur or business web designer should bear in mind:

  • Keep very focus on your website topic or theme. For example, if you intend to provide information about travelling, then your contents should be related to travelling or tourism rather than something about computer programming or some other unrelated topics. In short, don’t distract your potential customers.
  • Keep it simple. Simple does not mean you should not care about your webpage design but it means don’t put in too many unnecessary information and links that become too overwhelming for the users. They might just leave your site. Simple also means you should not put in too much multimedia content because it make your website take longer than normal time to load. All of us know that the attention span of online visitors is extremely short, 30 second is already considered long and if your website takes 2 minutes to load, they just don’t have the patient to wait.
  • The most important aspect of a good website is its content. So do a good writeup and beef up your content with lots of useful facts and information that are related to your topi

How to design your own website?


The best way to create an online presence for your business is to create a blog or a website .There is no simple way to create a web site. As a person who has been involved in web page design since the days of Windows 3.11 and Netscape Navigator 1.1, I can share some useful tips about web site creation.

First of all you must decide on your web site’s topic or theme. You should work on something which you have the knowledge and passion . For instance, you can do something about programming, sports and games, travel, books review, astronomy, health, education, any hobby, and more.

Next, you need to do some research by reading books, journal, searching for information from the Internet and more. Next, you have to write out the framework for your contents, get the main topic and subtopics properly arranged and linked up.

To start writing your web pages, you can use one of the GUI-based web page editors such as MS Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, PageBreeze, Amaya and more. For your information,you can download PageBreezeAmaya for free.

Besides, you should also learn some basics of HTML so that you can customize your page better. If you are good in HTML, you can actually use notepad to design your web page . If you find creating a website from the scratch is difficult, you can always use one of those content management systems, which off course include weblog or blog. Some of the popular CMS are wordpress, blogspotjoomla and more. The advantages of a CMS are easier to create, easier to update, do not need much technical knowhow, can do it anyway anytime and last but not least, most of them are free!

After you have created all your web pages, you can then contact a web hosting company to register your domain name and to get a web server to store your files for online viewing. Off course you need to pay a nominal hosting fee. Besides that, you must think of a domain name that is related to your contents and special enough to catch people’s attention.However, currently many domain names have been taken up so you may not get the ideal name you want. In that case, you have to settle for the next best domain name. For example, my website is a tutorial website about Visual Basic programming so I registered my website as It is hosted by Webserver, which I have been using for the past ten years and the support I get is good.

Here are some  popular web hosting companies that offer many kinds of web hosting solutions starting from budget hosting to fully integrated business hosting solutions:

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Here are other hosting providers or directories of hosting providers, you can choose anyone that suit your needs and budget.

To market your web site ,first of all you must submit your site to the major search engines through many submit it website, like

http://www.submitexpress.c om/ l/

and many others.

Remember to add all possible keywords related to your site in your META Tag so that search engines can crawl your site and find the necessary info.

Next you must market your site with whatever ways possible, such as by emailing your friends, join discussion groups, leave messages in guest books of other related web sites, join forums, and yes, leverage of the power of web2.o social networking by sharing your website through twitter, facebook, digg, Google Buzz, MySpace and more.


How lucrative can a personal website be?


With the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web, not only big and not so big companies are making big bucks by marketing and selling their products and services through the virtual world, many individuals are able to make enough money to supplement their incomes from their salary by having a personal website. On top of that, many of them even get rich or at least make a living out of it. So, believe me, having a personal website can be very lucrative, if you know how to make use of it.A lot of people with a personal website can generate a few hundred to a few thousand dollars (US currency) a month.

To be able to generate substantial income from a personal web site, the first thing you must do is to pay attention to the contents of your web site. You must make sure that your contents are interesting and rich enough to be able to attract a lot of visitors and also able to retain most of them. In this way, your website will be able to bring you good profit based on economy of scale.

In order to create good contents; you must decide your web site’s topic or theme. You should work on something you are good at. For instance, you can do something about programming, sports and games, travel, books review, astronomy, health, education, any hobby, and etc. Next, do some research by reading books, journal, info from the Internet and etc. Follow by designing a framework for your contents; get the main topic and subtopics properly arranged. After that you can start writing your contents.

Secondly, you must design an attractive template for all your web pages. You should also ensure it is easy for the users to navigate around various sections of your web site. You can use GUI-based webpage development programs such as MS Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and etc to accomplish the above tasks. Besides, you should also learn some basics of HTML so that you can customize your web pages better.

After you have done all your web pages, you must get your web site hosted by a reliable web hosting company so that it will be available online 24 hours a day. Although you need to pay a nominal fee of something like US80, it is worth the investment and normally you can earn it back in days. Lastly, you must update your web site regularly

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