Developing a Website


Although it is not necessary to have a website to start your online business, it is a great advantage if you have a website, better still if you have multiple websites!

Having a website with good content is the key success factor in building an online business. To create a good website that can attract huge traffic and generate high page view, you must focus a lot on the content. You ought to write something that can attract people’s attention and keep them coming back to visit your web pages. Just take a look at those successful and famous websites like Google, Yahoo!, CNN, MSN, Facebook and more, they provide all kinds of interesting stories, news, applications, games, utility programs and much more, and they attract millions of visitors. Because of high traffic, these websites, portals, and search engines are valued at billions of dollars, and they actually generate billions of dollars out of advertising, subscription fees, and other businesses.

To start building your website, first of all, you must decide on your web site’s topic or theme. You should work on a niche market that is big enough and has the potential to generate sizable profit, as well as something you are good at. For instance, you can write something about programming, sports and games, travel, books review, astronomy, health, education, any hobby, and more. Next, you should conduct some research by gathering information from books, journals, the Internet and so on. After you have gathered enough information, you may now design the framework for your content and get the main topic and subtopics properly arranged.

There are various ways to create a website. You can use GUI-based web page development programs such as MS Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver to design your web pages and create a website. Besides, you can also use notepad to design your web pages from scratch using HTML or PHP.  However, the aforementioned ways required the developers to upload the files to a web server via an FTP (Files Transfer Protocol) program.  Nowadays, a more trendy way of website development now is to use a content management system(CMS) that allows you to develop a website with relative ease.

 One of the most popular CMS is WordPress, it is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Our website is created using WordPress. Other popular CMS are Joomla, Drupal and more. Some CMS are specially designed to create e-commerce applications like an online shopping mall, where you can include catalogs, shopping cart, promotions, payment system and more. One of the more popular e-commerce CMS is Magento, an open-source e-commerce platform. You can click here for the top five e-commerce platforms.

After you have done all your web pages, you can then contact a web hosting company to register your domain name and to get a web server to store your files for online viewing by paying a nominal fee. You must think of a domain name that is related to your contents and special enough to catch people’s attention. However, currently, many domain names have been taken up so you may not get the ideal name you want. In that case, you have to settle for the next best domain name. For example, my website is a tutorial website about Visual Basic programming so I registered my website at

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After completing your website, you have to market your website; first of all, you must submit your sitemap to Google and Bing, two major search engines. You can generate the sitemap and submit to Google and Bing automatically if you are using WordPress, one of the best content management systems. Otherwise, you need to generate your sitemap by using some free sitemap generators, such as and others. When the sitemap is ready, you need to transfer it to your hosting server via an FTP program. Finally, submit the sitemap URL to Google Search Console and .

Besides that, you need to perform a search engine optimization(SEO) on your website to ensure good ranking in major search engines, particularly Google. If you are using HTML, you must add some important keywords related to your site content in the META Tag so that search engines can crawl your site and find the necessary info. Those keywords should also appear a few times in your content, but please don’t do keywords stuffing. If you are using WordPress, you can use some SEO plugins to assist you in SEO, the best is .

In addition, you can market your website by emailing your friends, join discussion groups, leave messages in the comment box of other related websites, join forums, broadcast in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, etc. Most important of all, you must enrich your contents and update your web pages regularly. By doing all these, you can expect to achieve good page rank in major search engines.

To learn more about HTML, click the following link:

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JavaScript is also a must for adding interactivity to your website. To learn more about JavaScript, following the link below:

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