The blog is another great media to promote your products and services. The blog is basically a weblog that allows you to update your contents automatically. It is indeed a kind of content management system. It also allows your readers to interact with you by giving comments or feedbacks to your posts.

It is much easier to add new contents to your blog easier than an ordinary website. You do not have to worry about layout and formatting as those things are configured right at the beginning when you first set up your blog. Having fresh contents is vital to the survival of your business and it will be ranked high in major search engines.

Another advantage of having a blog is you can let users subscribe to your blog in the form of RSS feeds. By subscribing to your feeds, your customers or subscribers can get updated news about your blog without having to visit your site or blog, they can read it in their own readers, whether Google, Yahoo! or other readers.

Creating a blog is simple and free. There are two options, one is the hosted weblogs such as that provided by and the other one is The other option has the weblogs installed on your servers such as that provided by WordPress, Movable Type and Blogsite.


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